YP Letters: Rain made Romeo show his chivalrous side

From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale.

Shakespeare's plays are being performed in York this summer.
Shakespeare's plays are being performed in York this summer.

AT the weekend I visited the pop-up theatre, Shakespeare’s Rose, in York with friends to see Romeo and Juliet.

It rained, which did not detract from the performance.

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In fact it caused more interaction with the goundlings, such as Romeo taking off his tunic and using it to shelter a female groundling from the rain.

It is a wonderful reproduction of the original theatre and James Cundall is to be congratulated on his foresight and persistance, along with all those involved in the re-creation, and cast of players. As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and a visitor to The Globe in London, how I wish that I could see all the performances, but I will be returning this month to see Richard III.

I recommend this wonderful addition to York for the 

Go and see a performance before September 2 when the season ends.

I hope that this will be an annual pop-up theatre for all 
to enjoy.