WUZI to launch new EP with #360RAW gig

Leeds band WUZI are set to launch their new EP Severed Head with BBC Introducing's Alan Raw in Leeds this weekend, so we had a chat with them to discuss their new music, the gig and everything in between.


Great to talk to you WUZI, you’ve got a big few months coming up – what are the main goals for 2019?

Our aim next year is to get our own space, (which we’re in the process of getting) kit it out and start recording ourselves. That way we can be more productive and experimental with the whole recording process without it costing an arm and a leg. Bang out more material as we’ve got heaps in the vault, then hopefully acquire a bigger fan base from that. Our other main goal is to get on the festival circuit, the main one being Glasto. We’ve acquired a taste for it after playing R&L Fest this year.

You’re ending the year with a new EP – Severed Head. What can people expect from the four tracks?

Vivid tales riddled with sadistic twists. To a pretty varied soundtrack, bit of shoegaze, psych, punk, pop, noise and ambience in there. Like a rock soup… but not the geological type.

On top of the EP you’ve got a gig presented by Alan Raw and BBC introducing at The Lending Room to launch the new music. Can you tell us about your live sets? Would you say you’re more of a live band than a studio band?

Yeah, we’re hyped for this. I reckon we’re more of a live band, I think the tunes go to another level when we’re on stage. We’re hoping to become masters of the studio but at the moment we edge it as a live band. We’re working on the set so it has more fluidity, merging songs into one another so we can go three songs on a few occasions without stopping. Keeps the energy up and sounds cool.

How much has Alan Raw’s influence helped you develop? What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from him?

Yeah, he’s a class act, he’s been supportive of us from our first single and played everything we’ve released so far on his show. So big thanks to him. He’s a fantastic compere, as well as a tremendous DJ, he’ll be playing tunes at the gig so get on down if you’re in a band or make music – he might spin it for you on the night. So I guess the most valuable thing I’ve learnt from him is, be supportive of your fellow musicians.

You’ve played plenty of gigs around Leeds, are their any highlights? Which shows are the most memorable?

Playing Brudenell Social Club at last year’s Live at Leeds, we were first on at half 12 or something but it was absolutely rammed, couldn’t believe it. Had folks from up and down the country to come watch us. So it was rather humbling.

What do you think of Leeds’ music scene in general? Is it a good place to start out as a band?

Yeah, decent scene, with some killer venues. I think the youth need to listen some live music again though, instead of club nights. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting on a bit now and know nobody at uni. (Definitely the latter.)

Watch WUZI live at the Lending Room, Leeds on Friday November 30. https://www.facebook.com/events/431514920586735/