The Yorkshire Post says: Finals weekend as BBC viewers cast their votes

AT least the great British public has a chance to cast votes on matters of great importance to a great many '“ and switch off from the B-word if Gary Lineker manages to take a vow of silence following his various Twitter spats this past week over you know what...

Sian Gabbidon from Leeds has reached the final of The Apprentice.

BBC scheduling means Strictly Come Dancing’s final tonight precedes Sports Personality of the Year, the traditional start of Christmas for many, tomorrow night and then the conclusion of The Apprentice in which Leeds swimwear entrepreneur Sian Gabbidon hopes to beat her unimpressive rival from across the Pennines.

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Yet, even though the country’s politicians or broadcasters appear unable to organise a meaningful debate on the nation’s future, at least the BBC does still know how to create plenty of talking points. And then some party pooper will spoil the fun, call the validity of the outcome into question, demand a rerun and try to start the whole merry-go-round again.

Sound familiar?