YP Letters: Sheffield's historic library shouldn't be on borrowed time

From: James Booth, Tinsley, Sheffield.
Sheffield Central Library.Sheffield Central Library.
Sheffield Central Library.

So Sheffield Central Library is being relocated (the Labour manifesto this year promises a new central library).

Councillors need to come clean over where the new library will be built, and what it will cost to enable these plans to be properly debated and also scrutinised.

The idea does seem a complete nonsense.

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It is surely much cheaper to install a new disabled lift and repair the existing building than to build a new, expensive facility.

This would leave a much-loved building empty and add more debt for future generations of Sheffield council taxpayers.

Sheffield’s central library is one of the most unique, interesting central library buildings in the country. It should be kept as a library for future generations.

The cash needed to improve the disabled access to the building and repair it is surely cheaper than to build a completely new building.

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Practically all other cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and many more have managed to keep their historic library buildings.

The council should be listening to library users and the general public, and exercising a little common sense.