128 people made redundant after Clugston administration

One hundreds and twenty eight jobs are to be made redundant as Clugston Construction finds new owners.

128 jobs to go

A deal to transfer the jobs of 67 Clugston employees to French contractor CNIM has been concluded.

However, whilst there remains interest in certain other construction contracts, it has not been possible to conclude notations, and so a further 128 of Clugston’s employees have had to be made redundant.

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CNIM said it had been working alongside Clugston on five energy from waste projects, where construction will continue.

Working with the respective customers, staff working on three facilities management contracts have also been transferred to alternative suppliers, safeguarding the employment of an additional 15 people who worked for Clugston Services.

James Clark, Joint Administrator from KPMG, said: “We are very pleased to have secured employment for 82 members of the Clugston workforce through a series of deals, but equally acknowledge what a difficult time it is for those employees who have had to be made redundant. I’m grateful to all Clugston staff for their professionalism, and to the Insolvency Service for dealing with statutory payments promptly.”

There are a further 51 employees who continue to assist the Administrators as they negotiate additional contract sales and deal with the affairs of the Companies.