Booming data industry in Yorkshire drives up salaries across the region by up to 40 per cent

A booming data industry in Yorkshire is driving up salary inflation, according to a new study from SPG Resourcing, the technology talent advisory business.

The study examined salary data in January against the same month last year across a number of job roles. Project managers saw average salaries rise by 40 per cent to £70,000, while solution architects experienced an increase of 35 per cent to £95,000, the study found.Business analysts have an average salary of £52,500 and senior business analysts £58,000, a rise of 10.5 per cent and 9.4 per cent, respectively.The average salary for a data engineer increased by 25 per cent to £70,000. The study highlighted this job role as one of the most challenging areas to hire currently.Commenting on the findings, Sam Hameed, co-founder and managing director of SPG Resourcing, said: “Data is driving the digital transformation plans of businesses across all sectors of the economy, and Yorkshire is fast becoming a global hotspot with world-class projects undertaken by everyone from the NHS to financial services and international technology consultancies.“As growth in the sector continues to accelerate, there remains a shortage of supply in key skills, which is driving up salaries. So it’s essential that the industry works together with the education sector to build a pipeline of talent.”According to market intelligence firm IDC, the global data and analytics industry will be worth $390bn by 2025, with data used for many functions, from business insight to improving customer service and driving operational efficiencies.

A spokesman said: “The UK government has made unprecedented moves in recent years to position the UK as a pioneer in data-driven innovation worldwide. It has pledged to increase overall investment in research and development to 2.4 per cent of GDP by 2027.”SPG Resourcing, which has offices in Leeds and Newcastle, provides interim and permanent technology resources to a wide range of businesses, from insurance and financial services to health, housing and large FTSE businesses. The company recently announced plans to create an additional 10 jobs in the next 12 months as the sector continues to boom.

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Many companies in a wide variety of sectors have struggled over the last year in the face of rising inflation and weakening consumer sentiment.

Sam Hameed.Sam Hameed.
Sam Hameed.

Profit warnings issued by listed companies in Yorkshire more than doubled in 2022, rising from 12 in 2021 to 30, according to EY-Parthenon’s latest Profit Warnings report. The retail sector issued the most profit warnings in Yorkshire in 2022 with six, reflecting lower consumer confidence, the study found.