Bradford-based Morrisons brings back stronger scented daffodils for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day and many children will be giving a bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation. One supermarket, though, is turning back the clock.

Morrisons brings back the sweet scent of daffodils for Mothers Day. Pic: Rachel Kennedy

Morrisons has brought back the old strong scent of British daffodils for Mother’s Day

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Less powerful varieties have dominated the shelves of British supermarkets over the last decade because growers have bred varieties that provided a yellower colour, but discarded the flower’s strong fragrance.

Bradford-based Morrisons brought back the traditional British daffodil, developed and picked by farmers in Cornwall, for Mother’s Day.

Tim Woodhouse, British flower buyer for Morrisons, said: “The fragrance of a flower can be just as important as its shape and colour. That’s why we’ve been talking to our British daffodil growers about bringing back these beautiful scented varieties, which have taken over a decade to breed.”