Break-ups are bad for Yorkshire’s businesses

ESTRANGED partners are not the only ones who count the cost of a break-up or divorce, it has emerged, as businesses in Yorkshire say they suffer too.

A new piece of research has found that 15 per cent of workplaces across the region have been hit by lack of productivity following an employee’s split, while 13 per cent have witnessed workers go off sick due to the stress.

Some six per have either had to leave their job as a result of their own separation, or have seen a colleague move on for the same reason, according to family law firm Resolution.

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The not-for-profit group has called on employers to provide more support for those going through a split, a move which was backed by 35 per cent of people who took part in the research. This was also echoed by the British Chambers of Commerce, which estimates that divorce costs the economy up to £46 billion every year.

Lawyer at Leeds law firm Clarion, Justine Osmotherley, said: “It can be easy to forget that sometimes things going on outside work can have a profound effect on what happens within it, as these figures show.

“Divorce and separation is an issue that bosses in Yorkshire need to take seriously and look out for the warning signs.”