Bridlington-based Hudson Contract helps over 225 apprentices match with employers

A Bridlington-based sponsorship scheme has helped to match over 225 apprentices with employers since its founding in 2011.

Hudson Contract’s scheme gives young people a letter which promises the firm will pay £50 per week to a potential employer for their first year of apprenticeship training.

The young people are then encouraged to present this letter to prospective employers when looking for apprenticehips.

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Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Hudson founder David Jackson noted how the company’s offer not only gives would-be apprentices a better chance of gaining an apprenticeship, but also helps to build their confidence.

Hudson Contract founded David Jackson (middle) with apprentices helped by the firm's scheme.Hudson Contract founded David Jackson (middle) with apprentices helped by the firm's scheme.
Hudson Contract founded David Jackson (middle) with apprentices helped by the firm's scheme.

“Some of them might not have got a start as an apprentice without it,” he said, “because there is no doubt that somebody offering to pay half their first year's costs is a door opener.

“And what we also try to do is really empower the would be apprentice to make the first approach with the offer of cash in his pocket.

“It truly does empower them, no one has fixed them up with an apprenticeship, they've prised one out, and I think that's worth a lot to the individual, and to their self esteem”

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Mr Jackson started his career as a 17-year-old apprentice draughtsman and is now chairman of one of Britain’s biggest privately-owned companies.

Speaking at a recent celebration event for apprentices, Mr Jackson also noted the possibility of apprenticeships leading down a similar career path to his own.

“It provides one of the most solid of starts for a career as an entrepreneur,” he said.

“You get an apprenticeship, you gain some experience and you start working as a fully qualified tradesperson, and you just don’t know where a career can take you.

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“It’s about being enthusiastic, committed and having your eyes wide open to the possibilities of where you might go.”

Hudson Contract’s recent celebratory event was held at Bridlington Spa, with apprentices past and present, local employers and local headteachers in attendance.

Civic leaders, including the Mayor of Bridlington and the Lord-Lieutenant of East Yorkshire, the King’s representative in the county were also present.

Speaking at the event, Mr Dick described Hudson Contract’s sponsorship scheme for apprentices as “corporate social responsibility in action.”

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He added: “there is nothing better than giving a young person a really good start.

“I think there are some entrepreneurs of the future here, they have really got themselves a skill and they are clearly motivated to take that as far as they can.

“At a time when there is a massive skills shortage, you are not only helping them, you are helping the industry.”

Louie Murray, an apprentice joiner at G Colman Joinery, also told those in attendance how his experience has given him the inspiration to start his own business.

Harrison Walker, an apprentice bricklayer at Springvale Homes, added that he spent the first year sweeping up on building sites but is now “on the trowel and smashing it”.