CBI’s attack on Euro work directives

the CBI has slammed the incoming employment regulations on agency workers and the scrapping of the default retirement age for heaping more bureaucratic burdens and costs onto long-suffering companies.

The business lobby group estimates that the new rules on agency workers will cost employers an estimated £1.8bn a year, and affect more than 1.6m workers.

Katja Hall, policy director, said: “There couldn’t be a worse time to bring in this unwelcome Brussels directive.

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“The new rules will still act as a brake on jobs.

“The Government must take the first opportunity to remove unnecessary gold-plating or reform the directive.”

On the removal of the default retirement age, Ms Hall said: “The Government must act now to spell out how employers can have a protected conversation about employees’ retirement plans without fear of tribunals.”

She added: “At a time when we should be nurturing companies and helping them to grow and create jobs, these regulatory changes are simply counter-productive.”