Companies are urged to beat a track to booming Brazil

A TRADE mission to Brazil aims to help Humber businesses to set up in what is the world’s second fastest growing economy.

Team Humber Marine Alliance, World Trade Centre Hull & Humber and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) are leading the mission. With funding from UKTI, the cost for the five days in Recife will be just under £1,000.

A Brazil Briefing held at the World Trade Centre revealed some facts and figures on the country’s current growth rate and concluded that the effort of getting into its market is likely to be rewarded many times over, particularly for engineering companies.

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David Lilley, international trade team adviser manager for UKTI, said: “With GDP growth estimated to be four per cent in 2012 and the football World Cup in 2014, Brazil is investing significant sums in its infrastructure. Indeed, there is a massive amount of activity across most sectors which offers great export opportunities for local companies. Some have already grasped these opportunities but many more, unfortunately, haven’t.

“Brazil will be big spenders over the next five years so a window of opportunity is open, but it won’t last for ever and if we don’t meet the current demand our global competitors will.

“At a time when a lot of economies are struggling Brazil offers real hope. There are parts of the world where there isn’t a recession and in Brazil it’s possible to do profitable business to make up for dips elsewhere.

“The point about Brazil is they’ve got the oil, they’ve got the money and they’re investing in infrastructure.”

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Recife, the trade mission venue, is in the north-eastern state of Pernambuco, which is showing GDP growth around double the national average, largely driven by the SUAPE port and industrial complex located to the south of the Recife.

Mr Lilley added: “The region has similarities to the north-east of England in that there has been a lack of investment for many years, However that has now all changed because the Brazilian government has been pumping an amazing amount money into Pernambuco generated from their oil revenues in the south.

“It believes that British industry has the technology and skills that countries like Brazil badly need and would seriously recommend exporters that have not previously looked at the market to do so now.”

Mark O’Reilly, THMA director, said: “Brazil took over the UK just before Christmas to become the fifth biggest economy in the world. And they’ve no intention of stopping there. They need jobs for their young people and will do what it takes.”

Chris Cobb, regional trade and investment manager at the British Consulate in Recife, said: “Engineering companies are quite likely to get successful very quickly.”