What is Sky Glass, how much does it cost and what will it mean for viewers?

Sky has unveiled its newest product this week entitled Glass.

The service is a new streaming TV system with Sky services and other apps built in.

However, unlike its previous offerings, it requires no satellite dish or box.

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Instead you get a television set with all of the Sky apps built in, only needing connection to a wifi network and a single power cable.

Sky Glass launches in the UK on Monday October 18.

Bosses said it will “transform the role of the TV in the home” and it is to be launched in the UK on October 18.

The TVs, called Glass, are available in three screen sizes – 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch – and a choice of five colours with a new remote control.

Sky said it will be offering monthly payment plans similar to those used for mobile phones to pay for the TV, starting at £13 a month for the 43-inch TV, with the Sky Ultimate TV package also required – which starts at £26, meaning a full Sky Glass package will start at £39 a month.

Sky said the aim of the system is to simplify the way people find and watch TV by integrating hardware, software and content. It comes as it faces challenges from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, all of whom do not require hardware to view their content.

Sky Glass's official launch

The TV will come with a 4K Ultra HD display as well as Dolby Atmos 360 surround sound built in. It will also be the first TV to be certified carbon neutral.

Sky said the new home page on the device will bring together content from Sky as well as catch-up and streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Disney+, while a new Playlist feature will allow users to create a list of their favourite content from across all channels, apps and live TV in one place.

Speaking at the launch event for the new system, Sky group chief executive Dana Strong said: “Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside, providing the total integration of hardware, software and content.

“Built on over 30 years of understanding what our customers want, this is a TV that only Sky could make. We believe this is the smartest TV available, and that customers will love it.”

The Sky Glass launches in the UK on Monday October 18.

The firm also used the event to preview a 4K smart camera that links to Sky Glass which is set to be introduced in 2022, and will enable video-calling through the new smart TV, as well as use movement tracking and gesture control to allow users to play games and take part in home workouts.

Sky Glass has been built as a platform which can be deployed by other Telco and subscription television operators so they can bring the Sky Glass experience to their customers too. Sky today announces the Foxtel Group, Australia's leading subscription TV company as its first Sky Glass syndication partner. Sky Glass will launch in the Australian market as an element of the Foxtel Group’s future roadmap for its Foxtel brand and will contain both Foxtel and third-party content. This is the first of many collaborations as Sky Glass is scaled across the globe.