Creative agency says farewell to capital to build empire in Leeds

A creative agency has moved from London to Yorkshire as it steps up the hunt for new clients.

Michael C Place and Nicky Place - the directors of Leeds-based creative agency Build

Build, the award-winning design agency, has established a base in the historic Tower Works in Leeds because the company’s directors believe it’s the best place to do business in Britain.

Build had previously been based in Walthamstow, in London, for around 15 years.

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Michael C Place, the company’s founder and creative director, said: “Leeds is a geographically strategic location for work opportunities within the UK.

“Leeds, given its vibrancy in a multitude of sectors, presents design and branding opportunities in hospitality, property development and retail.”

Today, Build is led by Mr Place and his wife Nicky, who is the business director.

The company also employs Elena Dransfield as marketing manager, and a design graduate who works at the studio three days a week.

Ms Dransfield said that Build’s decision to move from London to Leeds was part of a trend; with a growing number of creative firms choosing Leeds as a base instead of its rival cities.

She added: “Leeds is a great place and many people are realising they don’t need to work and live in London to have that ‘work and play’ lifestyle

“Build is the perfect example of a successful business moving out of London to an up and coming city like Leeds.”

Build’s past clients have included the likes of Nike, Virgin American and Made.

Ms Dransfield said that Build had already carried out work with Leeds Inspired to create posters for Leeds International Film Festival.

Mr Place said the company hoped to hire more staff in Leeds.

“Ten would be a perfect number,’’ he said.

Tower Works, which is famous for its soaring Italianate towers, is enjoying a new lease of life as a home for fast-growing firms in the digital and creative sectors.

The works was built by TR Harding in 1864. The factory originally made carding and combing pins for the mechanised wool and cloth production industries.