Distiller brings Brontë Liqueur to Yorkshire

A distiller with ties to Brontë Parsonage Museum has launched a liqueur that pays homage to the literary family’s heritage.

Sir James Aykroyd stepped down from his role as chairman and shareholder of Speyside Distillery to develop Brontë Liqueur, a blackberry and sloe-based beverage that is targeting the popular cocktails market.

Based in Birstwith, North Yorkshire, Sir James discovered a honey-based drink named Brontë Liqueur in Paraguay 40 years ago.

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He was attracted to the drink as a result of his family’s ties with the Brontës.

‘Back in 1928 my great grandfather, Sir James Roberts, bought the Haworth village parsonage and gifted it to the Brontë Society,’ Sir James said.

‘Today that building is the Brontë Parsonage Museum and this is something our family is immensely proud of - I still hold the key to the parsonage’s front door.’

Prior to joining Speyside Distillery, Sir James held senior roles with Buchanan’s whiskey and Martini and Rossi. When the opportunity arose to purchase the trademark for the drink, Sir James founded Brontë Liqueur Co, which will make a small donation to the Brontë Society from all sales.

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The liqueur has been adapted from its original recipe to include elements of the Yorkshire Moors.

Brontë Liqueur is marketed as an ingredient for cocktails. Suggested recipes include the Brontë Royale, which is topped with champagne, and ginger-beer based Brontë Mule.