'Don't lose track of pension pots'

Workers could be putting their retirement security at risk by failing to keep track of all the different pension pots they have accrued, an insurer warned.

Aviva said having multiple pension pots was becoming the norm as people changed jobs more often, with 30 per cent of workers expected to have five different jobs throughout their career.

The research found that 28 per cent of full-time workers think they will contribute to two or more different private pensions during their working lives.

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But despite this nearly two-thirds of people said they did not know that they could combine private pension pots at retirement.

Around 54 per cent also said they had no idea how they could access previous pensions they had built up, while 37 per cent said they did not know what action they had to take regarding their retirement savings when they changed jobs.

One in three people said they assumed their previous employer would take care of matters, while 29 per cent said they would not worry about the issue until they were closer to retirement.

Clive Bolton, retirement director for Aviva, said: "The job market is much more fluid and this is having a direct impact on the pension landscape. It is more important than ever people make best use of all the funds they have saved."