Engage Comms links with Reel Film to talk internal communications

A marketing agency and a video production specialist have teamed up to launch a new internal communications network.

Helen Gill: 'Internal comms isn't formalised within SMEs'

Engage Comms has joined forces with Reel Film to help small firms improve their strategic internal communication.

Otley-based Engage Comms was recognised, for an internal communications campaign it ran, at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Awards 2018.

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Helen Gill, co-founder of Engage Comms, said: “Internal comms often isn’t formalised within SMEs and is either an add-on to marketing, human resources or sits with the operations director as part of the day-to-day running of the business. We want to bring together and support those who are responsible for internal comms in their organisations to share best practice and discover how to make it an integral part of their business growth strategies.”

The Internal Comms Network North will launch on May 2 in Leeds. It will be opened by keynote speaker Colin Middlemiss, who is group head of internal communications and engagement at healthcare software developer, EMIS.

To book a place at the event visit: http://bit.ly/2UFkfEw.