Fast growing Leeds-based IT recruitment firm appoints first female director

A growing IT recruitment firm has appointed its first female director.

Gemma Robinson, Operations Director, Corecom Consulting
Gemma Robinson, Operations Director, Corecom Consulting

The Leeds-headquartered Corecom Consulting has promoted Gemma Robinson to the role of operations director.

Jonathan Sanderson, the managing director at Corecom Consulting, said: “Gemma has been with the company for over three years and she is the first female to join the board of directors.

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“She has proven herself to be an asset in every aspect of the business, ensuring it runs smoothly, setting financial objectives and budgets, making key strategic decisions and meeting statutory obligations.

“Gemma is passionate about employee engagement.

“Her key achievements include launching a company wellbeing strategy, bringing systems and processes in-house, building a HR (human resources) and operations team and introducing an apprenticeship academy.

“I am delighted to welcome Gemma to the board of directors and I look forward to her helping deliver our strategic growth plan.”

Corecom Consulting’s turnover is set to reach £3m in its current financial year; an increase of 8 per cent since 2016.

A spokesman said: “The firm is looking to expand, with plans to open offices nationally and internationally over the next three years.

“The workforce is set to increase from 17 to 25 over the next 12 months with a regional office opening in January 2018.”

Corecom Consulting’s long-standing clients include, Link Asset Services, Engie Power and Computershare.

The spokesman added: “The company has overturned the usual stereotypical assumptions that come with recruiters, achieving numerous award shortlists for the company’s contributions to society.”