Filtronic overhauls workplace to still meet clients’ needs

Filtronic designs and manufactures antennas, filters and mmWave productsFiltronic designs and manufactures antennas, filters and mmWave products
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Mobile phone technology firm Filtronic said it has made substantial changes to workplace layouts, staff movement patterns, hygiene procedures, protection and proximity measures following the coronavirus outbreak.

The Leeds-based firm said its manufacturing and support operations are fully committed to meeting customer needs and staff in these functions are continuing to work normal hours, albeit with various measures taken to enable required social distancing.

The group said the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and broader stakeholder group continue to be its first priority.

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The majority of office staff have been working from home for a month now and Filtronic said this is working well.

The firm’s principal IT systems have long been cloud based and the group said the nature of its work requires it to have robust and very secure IT systems.

Chairman Reg Gott said: “Although the measures we have taken to protect our staff and the business as a whole are somewhat disruptive to efficient operations, we enjoy the support of a great team of staff committed to meeting customer deliveries.

“We look forward to updating shareholders on our trading performance post our full year ending May 31.”

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Filtronic said that in the current circumstances, its supply chain is a key concern.

“Although we are addressing some areas of concern, we do not foresee any critical shortages at this time,” said Mr Gott.

“Our customer base remains positive and to date we have not been advised of any anticipated programme curtailments or deferrals.”

The group’s Covid-19 business continuity team is meeting regularly to review Government information and guidance updates and is adapting its protection and mitigation compliance measures accordingly.

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However, the firm said the consequences of Covid-19 have delayed its process to secure a new CEO and it does not now expect a new CEO to join until after September.

Mr Gott will continue in his role as executive chairman until a new CEO arrives.

Earlier this year, Filtronic said it had won two new contracts with American firms that will have strategic importance for the development of the firm and its technology road map.

The new contracts are worth £1.3m in total.