Firth Rixson secures $1bn deal

A YORKSHIRE based manufacturing firm has sealed a major deal with a US-based aerospace company.

Sheffield-based Firth Rixson has signed a 10-year agreement valued at more than $1bn with United Technologies Corporation to supply engine and system components for UTC Propulsion & Aerospace Systems’ businesses Pratt & Whitney and UTC Aerospace Systems.

A company spokesman said: “As UTC ramps up production of its commercial and military aircraft systems and engines, Firth Rixson will provide valuable parts for UTC’s legacy and next generation programmes, including Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower engine family, and UTC Aerospace Systems Boeing 787 and Airbus A320 programmes.

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David Mortimer, the chief executive of Firth Rixson, said: “UTC demands high standards for quality, delivery, cost and performance and many of our sites have earned UTC supplier gold status. I am convinced this contributed to our ability to win new business. We are delighted to have gained their customer confidence and secured Firth Rixson as a leading supplier in this globally competitive market.”

He added: “The contract also provides incentives for additional growth above and beyond the initial portfolio, which we will work towards obtaining, to further grow UTC as a critical customer.”

Firth Rixson supplies seamless rolled rings forgings and metals to the aerospace market, and also to industries requiring highly engineered material

applications, such as mining, oil and gas. The company’s operations in the US, UK, Europe and China, serve a customer base in more than 40 countries.