Free training offered - even if it takes you to another firm

STAFF at the Amazon fulfilment centres in Doncaster arebring offered fully-funded training programmes to boost their skill levels, even if it takes them towards a career elsewhere.

30 April 2019. Learning at Work Week/Career Choice Programme Photography 2019 LBA1  Paul Jones
30 April 2019. Learning at Work Week/Career Choice Programme Photography 2019 LBA1 Paul Jones

In celebration of National Learning at Work Week Amazon associates are being offered qualifications in fields such as engineering, IT, computer science, mechanical and electrical trades, healthcare, construction, transportation, logistics and accounting.

Paul Jones has worked with Amazon since 2015 and has completed the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety at North Notts College through the Amazon Career Choice Programme.

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He said: “I’m 53 years old and I honestly believed that my school and college days were over. However, when I learned about the Amazon Career Choice programme, I knew that it was an unmissable opportunity to learn new skills and I decided to go for it.

“I’ve been working for more than 30 years and I’ve never worked for a company that will pay for 95% of a course to help you further your career either with them, or somewhere else. I find it remarkable and I’ve told everyone at Amazon in Doncaster to sign up. Why wouldn’t you do it – it’s amazing.

“My involvement in the Career Choice programme is part of my goal to one day become a Health and Safety manager in an Amazon fulfilment centre. I really enjoy working at Amazon. The company has been great to me and I hope to work here for many years to come.”

Ajit Sah, Site Leader at Amazon in Doncaster Balby Carr Bank, said: “We want everyone at Amazon to pursue their dream job and that’s what the Amazon Career Choice programme is all about. We believe that of all our associates should have the opportunity to develop their skills and that’s why we’re offering funded training courses in a range of interests and industries. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest group of recruits join the Amazon Career Choice programme and congratulate Paul and his colleagues on their achievements.”