How to boost your business with PR, content and social media

Run your own business? Take control and raise your profile with these top tips from Yorkshire based PR and marketing communications company Cicada.

Yorkshire based PR and marketing communications team Cicada.
Yorkshire based PR and marketing communications team Cicada.

The team at Cicada helps time-strapped business owners get noticed by the right people.

It has more than 30 years’ experience boosting businesses from the hospitality and leisure industries to financial and professional services.

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Here is Cicada's top 10 tips for winning with PR, content and social:

1. Know your audience

Think about your existing customers and those you would like to attract.

Do you deal with business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) audiences? What do they read? Which websites do they use? Where do they meet and socialise? This should inform your PR strategy.

2. Understand how journalists work

There is no greater turn off than being bombarded with phone calls and press releases. We understand what journalists are looking for, and how to meet their deadlines. We can provide interesting and relevant content for your business which will keep you at the forefront of a journalist’s mind.

3. A picture speaks 1,000 words

An eye-catching image can gain valuable media coverage and draw people to your website. It could be an enticing plate of food or an interesting profile shot. Just make sure it’s of a high quality.

4. Think about video

Video content is king of the internet and is guaranteed to bring in views on your social channels or your website. Bring your business to life in a short film that not only looks good but explains what you can do for the customer.

5. Be Consistent

Communication should be clear, concise, consistent and co-ordinated across all platforms. Have a content strategy that clearly articulates who you are and what you do.

6. Audit your website

Websites can often be neglected and quickly become dated. Treat your website as you would a shop window. It needs to be inviting and to entice people in. Does your site clearly tell people what you do and how to get in touch? Is it easy to navigate? Does it show up in searches? If the answer is no, you need to think about revisiting your content.

7. Get social

Where does your audience congregate online? Facebook targets consumers (B2C), as does Pinterest and Instagram. Twitter appeals to everyone and LinkedIn is mostly a B2B platform. While restaurants and fashion brands are likely to perform well on visual platforms like facebook and Instagram, corporate outfits would benefit more from LinkedIn.

8. Be engaging

Social content should be posted regularly with visuals which encourage high levels of engagement. Remember the 80:20 rule – keep 80% interesting, conversational, and 20% promotional or it will be a turnoff.

9. Get yourself out there

Network but be selective. Be prepared, smile, do not sell, and follow up with those you meet. Your local chamber of commerce is a good place to start.

10. Do not panic

If your company is facing a crisis think very carefully and take advice about how to respond. Get it right and you can turn it around. Get it wrong and you are just fanning the flames.

Cicada’s team of PR professionals and former journalists provide PR, content marketing and social media services that deliver results.

Its expertise includes media relations, copywriting and content creation, event planning, crisis management, strategic partnerships, award entries and social media. Find out more at