How to create powerful business teams - free Tougher Minds talk at The Yorkshire Post

The pace of change in the workplace has never been faster. And while advancements in technology are boosting the economy, the toll on individual workers is often overlooked.

Tougher MInds is a business which is exceptionally passionate about helping people to be their best

Tougher Minds, a consultancy set up to make wellbeing central to work, education and life, has recently opened a Leeds office. Its award-winning services are now available to Yorkshire businesses, to help them support their people and to create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

FREE EVENT: How to create powerful teams: the surprising truth - a Tougher Minds talk will take place at The Yorkshire Post's Parkinson Suite on Thursday, June 21, from 6.15pm to 7.30pm. Places are free but limited. Book to guarantee your seat - CLICK HERE.

Attendees will have the chance to WIN £2400 worth of high-impact Tougher Minds training for their organisation.

The format will be a short TED-style talk followed by a Q&A with a panel of performance consultants. People involved in HR, leadership and staff development in West Yorkshire businesses are invited to attend. For more information bout the event visit

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Tougher Minds’ programmes have reached over 10,000 people during the last decade. The business was founded by Dr. Jon Finn, who completed his PhD at Leeds Beckett University.

The work began in sport psychology and moved into education. The consultancy is now well established in the corporate sector and works with global companies in the City of London, USA and Europe.

Tougher MInds is a business which is exceptionally passionate about helping people to be their best

Dr Finn, a performance coach and a sport psychologist by background, is spearheading Tougher Minds in the region.

He is staging the event next month to outline how wellbeing and resilience programmes can benefit businesses. The short talk, in central Leeds, is aimed at leaders and senior managers.

“Change seems more present now than ever in the workplace. You need to deal with that or it can have an adverse effect on people and on their performance and health. We’ve had great success tackling these important issues, in the businesses we work with," said Dr Finn.

“I see, as a guy from Yorkshire, that the cities are growing and that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing change throughout the county. But people are also facing the same change challenges. We want to help them and this event will give a great overview of wellbeing and performance issues, and solutions for the workplace.”

Tougher Minds free talk at The Yorkshire Post in Leeds city centre on Thursday June 21.

He believes that attitudes to wellbeing and mental health have progressed hugely in recent years but there is a need to move from merely offering hints and tips to fully embedding beneficial practices in day-to-day working.

“People’s interest in the psychological side of performance is not necessarily new, but our ability to help people has rapidly progressed in last few years.”, he added.

“We are not looking at cure, we focus on prevention. We want people to build better habits to prehabilitate themselves to the challenges of the modern world.

Dr Finn said: “Sport is a good parallel. In the 1960s you had the trainer running on with the magic sponge. That is similar to the present day where we only seem to help people who are already hurting. Tougher Minds takes the view that prehabilitation and preventing damage is the way to deal with these challenges.

We want people to build better habits", says Jon Finn

“Change is not going away, in fact, the pace will increase. We used to have an economy of factories all making the same thing day after day. So employees had very repetitive jobs. But our economy is changing and people are asked to do higher volumes of mentally challenging work. So peoples' work lives have changed. Business can’t change without people changing, and they need to be supported in this process.”

He reminded people that the Tougher Minds event on Thursday, June 21 is free to attend but places are limited and people should book now to avoid missing out. To make a booking - CLICK HERE.

He said: “We really want to meet senior leaders, senior HR people and people who can implement this into their businesses and organisations.

“In the world of work, everyone is a leader. You have micro leaders, macro leaders. We want to support the people who are making decisions.

“Yorkshire has a changing economy. I know people from London moving here for work. There is a huge professional services sector and a rapidly growing digital sector. This is a vibrant and developing region but that creates challenges for us all.”

* The Tougher Minds event will be held in The Parkinson Suite, The Yorkshire Post Building, No.1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road East, Leeds, LS12 1BE, on Thursday, June 21, at 6.15pm. For free tickets - CLICK HERE.

Tougher Minds is putting wellbeing at the heart of the workplace

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