reports increase in package holidays amid Brexit fears

Jet2holidays has launched a new version of its national advertising campaign
Jet2holidays has launched a new version of its national advertising campaign
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​Holiday firm has reported an increase in package holiday bookings amid ​"deepening Brexit uncertainty​" as more people opt for the security of a package holiday rather than making their own arrangements.

The group's parent firm, Leeds-based Dart will tell shareholders at its AGM later today that it is very cautious amid the ongoing uncertainty.

​Dart's executive chairman ​Philip Meeson​ will tell investors:​ "​With still some way to go in the Leisure Travel winter booking cycle, the ​b​oard remains optimistic that current market expectations for ​g​roup profit before foreign exchange revaluations and taxation for the year ending 31 March 2020 will be met.

​"​Looking further ahead, given the cost pre​s​s​​ures the ​t​ravel industry is facing in general, which will intensify given the weakness in sterling, plus the ​​deepening Brexit uncertainty and the impact this may have on consumer confidence, we remain very cautious in our outlook.​"

​He will say​ ​the later booking trend reported in July has continued​ in the​ Leisure Travel business, with overall demand for both ​its​ Flight-Only offering and Package Holiday product continuing to strengthen.

​"​Encouragingly, package holiday customer numbers as a proportion of total departing customers have increased for summer 2019 to date​," he will say.​

​"​Winter season forward bookings have yet to match our seat capacity growth, therefore pricing for both our leisure travel products will need to remain continually enticing.​"​