Memoraid on mission to raise awareness of brain health as the memory supplement lands listing with Holland & Barrett

A memory supplement manufacturer is on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining brain health, after securing a nationwide listing with health foods retailer Holland & Barrett.

Listed: Moudy Khodadi, Matthew Hanson, a store representative from Holland & Barrett, Max Hanson and Abraham Khodadi.

Memoraid was established in 2015 by four Bradford University pharmacy graduates as a supplement to support brain health.

The two sets of brothers, Abraham and Moudy Khodadi and Matthew and Max Hanson, came up with the concept while studying.

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During their studies, they found themselves turning to caffeine in a bid to boost productivity. The four pharmacists then came together to create a capsule containing natural ingredients such as vitamin D to support brain health.

“We realised when it came to exam periods and revision there was nothing there to help focus concentration,” Moudy Khodadi said. “The only things that were available were highly caffeinated drinks or prescription medicines available online, which is very dangerous.”

Four years on from its launch, Memoraid will now be listed in 168 Holland & Barrett stores across the country.

Max Hanson told The Yorkshire Post: “It’s the biggest turning point so far in the company. We are now going to be listed in 168 stores across the UK. In Yorkshire that includes, Leeds, Harrogate and York.

“It’s good for us being on the high street because it helps with our mission of promoting brain health.”

The issue of brain health is often overlooked, the pharmacists say, and there are actions that people can take to reduce the risk of symptoms such as dementia. Mr Hanson said: “We believe in the importance of brain health and we want to raise awareness.

“We still feel that brain health is something which is overlooked and we just want to increase awareness as much as possible across the nation. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

However, awareness of looking after brain health is improving, says Mr Hanson.

“It’s been interesting seeing the development over the last four years since we started Memoraid,” he added. “We’ve seen a shift now in society, the NHS and charities are all working to help improve awareness of how important brain health is.”

There’s an increased concern in the UK around dementia and Memoraid says that measures need to be taken as early as possible to reduce the risk of dementia.

Mr Hanson said: “We’ve worked in community pharmacies in the past. People have thought about cardiovascular health but they’ve never thought about brain health. It’s more a recent thing. It’s definitely in the news.

“But there’s never been a go to company who can provide that support, not only to older people but for younger people too. It’s our mission to raise awareness and use Memoraid as a vehicle to promote a healthier lifestyle.”

Brain health can be improved by making simple lifestyle changes, the founders of Memoraid said, such as exercising and adopting a healthier diet.

Mr Hanson said: “Even things like socialising more and taking up new hobbies, just constantly challenging your brain with things like learning a new language can help.”

The immediate aim for the business is to focus on its listing with Holland & Barrett. Memoraid says it will be increasing volumes of the capsule, which is manufactured in the UK, following the listing.

Up until now, the capsules were being sold just at independent retailers.