Mondo Radio faces licensing hearing just days before club launch party in Sheffield

Community station Mondo Radio will need to get the all clear for a club launch party in a licensing hearing this week just days before the event.

Ed Malus, of Mondo Radio team, submitted an application to Sheffield Council for a temporary event notice for its studios at 7 Smithfield for an event on Friday, October 20.

The event is promoted as a club launch party starting late Friday night and ending at 6am on Saturday.

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“This launch party marks an exhilarating addition to Sheffield’s clubbing scene,” promoters said beside ticket booking online. “From the team behind local station Mondo Radio, don’t miss the chance to dance to some of the best grassroots talent in the city, as Mondo. Club opens its doors this Friday.”

7 Smithfield (Mondo Radio)7 Smithfield (Mondo Radio)
7 Smithfield (Mondo Radio)

The lineup is listed as: alex.aubyn, Ashley Holmes, MYNA and Hames.

Permission is needed from the council to licence the sale of alcohol and provide entertainment throughout the night.

Mr Malus estimated the capacity of the event space to be 250 with a “sensible amount of headroom”.

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But the health protection service objected saying it needed more information before it could go ahead as planned which forced a licensing hearing.

The service said it objected because as of the final day of commenting on the application, it did not yet have the plans, electrical condition report or asbestos management plan for the part of the building they wanted to use.

Officers also wanted to visit with a fire officer to check the building.

Councillors on the licensing sub-committee will discuss the application and decide if the event can go ahead as planned in a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, October 18.

Mondo Radio

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The grassroots community radio station is led by volunteers with a team of more than 60 resident DJs and producers.

Mondo aims to “address the underrepresentation of marginalised individuals and communities in the local music industry”.

It broadcasts a diverse range of music, providing a platform for emerging artists, DJs and musicians and organises various events and workshops.