Morrisons to cut price of 800 items

Supermarket chain Morrisons is to cut prices on 800 of its items to help customers feeling the pinch after Christmas.


From tomorrow (January 2), Morrisons will bring in the price cuts which mainly focus on healthy ‘superfoods’ such as avocado and kale, to help families eat wholesome food in January.

The average price reduction will be 19 per cent and all together 1,500 products will be on a ‘Price Crunch’ in Morrisons stores.

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Morrisons is also reducing prices across everyday fresh food essentials such as potatoes, bread rolls and meat as well as popular frozen and household items.

In addition, the Bradford-based chain has simplified the price of 5,490 items so that they are priced in round pounds to make it easier for customers to calculate what is in their basket.

Andy Atkinson, Morrisons Marketing & Customer Director said: “Many customers are feeling the pinch after Christmas so we are cutting prices, particularly on fresh food and everyday essentials.

“These price cuts will help families who are on a tighter budget and will continue to make Morrisons more competitive.”