My Investments

What was your best investment?

Turning a tired old mill building into a beautiful studio. Providing a lovely workspace for our team was top of the list.

Are wise investors born or made?

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Made. Anyone can invest, but not everyone will get a return. Mistakes may happen – make them small ones.

Do you believe it’s become harder for entrepreneurs to make prudent investments since the crash of 2008?

Strangely no, we have become more cautious since the crash leading to better researched investments, and ultimately more success.

What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made?

An MG 1100 when I was 17. It cost me £95 and on the way home from picking it up, the engine blew, costing me another £220 to put it right.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to make a major investment?

Do your own homework and listen to advice from people who know, not people who think they know. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions.

Which sectors are likely to offer handsome returns for business investors?

Property still has to be up there.

Are there any sectors you feel should be avoided?

Anywhere that you can’t obtain the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Oh and trust your gut.

What lessons did you learn from your worst investment?

Don’t trust anything on face value alone. A little research goes a long way.

What was the best piece of investment advice you’ve received?

Don’t be a sheep – you have no idea where the wolf is hiding.