National Grid proposes new East Yorkshire power line in bid to boost green energy availability

National Grid is proposing to build a new high voltage electricity transmission line between East Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

The line would run between a new substation north of Hull to High Marnham in Nottinghamshire, with a view to delivering electricity to the area from nearby offshore wind farms.

National Grid says its existing power lines between the North and the Midlands do not have capacity to accommodate the increased power flows from new sources of renewable electricity, and that the proposed 90 kilometre of overhead power lines would increase capacity to the network.

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The privately run firm, which owns and maintains the electricity transmission network in England and Wales, says the proposed upgrade would be able to transport six gigawatts of power, enough to power six million homes.

An existing overhead power line operated by National Grid near Creyke Beck, East Yorkshire.An existing overhead power line operated by National Grid near Creyke Beck, East Yorkshire.
An existing overhead power line operated by National Grid near Creyke Beck, East Yorkshire.

Rachel Tullis, project director for National Grid, said: “The government’s net zero target means an increase in new renewable electricity generation such as wind and solar power.

“We’re proposing new infrastructure which will connect this green energy from areas around the Humber and in the North Sea to the grid and allow clean electricity to power homes and businesses across the Midlands and to the whole country, boosting our home-grown energy security and progress towards net zero.”

The proposal comes after reports of green energy firms facing waits as long as 15 years to get hooked up to the UK power grid.

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In the last four years, the number of projects applying to connect to the UK power system has quadrupled, with the number expected to rise further this year.

The total pipeline of contracted capacity across England and Wales stands at 176GW, which compares with 65GW connected today.

Around 60 per cent of the projects in the pipeline to connect have secured connection dates within 12 months of their requested date.

National Grid said it is committed to connecting projects to the grid as fast as possible, and that as well as refining its connections pipeline, it is collaborating with industry to push for policy and regulatory reform to allow it to make easier decisions on long term planning and network investment.

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National Grid has also recently launched the largest overhaul of the grid in generations. The firm says The Great Grid Upgrade will forms part of irs continued programme of investment into the UK energy transition.

The upgrade will see £16 billion invested from 2021-2026 to support the UK’s net zero goals.

National Grid has launched an eight week public consultation period for the new power line, which ends on 27 July.

During the period, the company is inviting communities in the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire to comment on its proposals.

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The first proposal includes an emerging corridor for the line, which shows where the new power lines may be placed. Much of this corridor runs parallel to an existing overhead power line.

Ms Tullis added: “This consultation launch is the beginning of our engagement with communities and stakeholders along the proposed route corridor and we encourage people to share their views.”