New consultancy launched to support adoption of advanced robotics by industry

A new robotics and cleantech consultancy has been launched to support the adoption of advanced robotics by industry.

The Synovate Consultancy has close ties with academic institutions and experience in the field of deploying robots for utility companies.As part of Harrogate-based Synthotech, the Synovate consultancy team will initially work with the construction and utility sectors. Its experts include a range of engineers, project managers and robotics designers.

A spokesman said: “Synovate has pioneered the development and deployment of robots in the utilities sector in the UK and worldwide. It invested more than £1.2m and spent two years developing the next generation of robots that can sense water and gas leaks from within pipelines.”Commenting on the launch, Simon Langdale, engineering director at Synovate, said: "Many companies understand the efficiencies and environmental benefits that can be unlocked by using robots for complex and time-consuming tasks. Our consultancy team has a huge amount of experience in designing solutions for a wide range of uses. As technology advances, it is vital to ensure that experienced support is available to accelerate the development of robots that can help companies operate more effectively and safely to benefit the environment."Synovate works with experts at the Universities of Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds to develop industrial robotic technology.