Nisa members in line for £3m windfall

RETAIL organisation Nisa yesterday announced that £3m will be paid to its members in the form of a surplus distribution.

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Nisa, which is based in Scunthorpe, also revealed that a further £600,000 will be paid in dividends. Nisa is a member-owned organisation, which helps independent retailers remain competitive in the food and drink markets. Nisa has 1,080 members, who operate more than 3,750 stores throughout the UK.

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Over the past five years, the company has seen its turnover grow by 50 per cent to £1.5bn.

In a statement, Nisa said: “The dividend payment equates to £12 per share, up £4 on the previous year, and rewards members for supporting Nisa, while prompting members to take full advantage of the 100 shares they have available to them. The surplus payment also looks to reward those members who have shown loyalty and support to Nisa by ordering products through its central distribution services.”

Simon Webster, Nisa finance director, said: “Nisa works hard to ensure it provides the best possible deals to its independent retailers but this is only possible through the support and dedication of our loyal members allowing us to secure the necessary volumes. It is for this reason we choose to reward and thank our loyal members in the form of a surplus payment. The dividend payment looks to reward those members that show faith in the company by taking out their maximum share offering.”