North Yorkshire tech firm joins anti-vape and bullying fight in schools with new sensor partnership

Technology firm NYnet has agreed a partnership with the makers of a ground-breaking sensor that will be used on school premises to detect vaping and bullying in one device.

NYnet already provides full fibre broadband and digital services to hundreds of schools across North Yorkshire and has become the only UK supplier of Soter Technologies’ patented vape and anti-bullying sensor, Flysense.

The Harrogate-based firm will now work with trusts and governing bodies to implement the new device, which can detect vaping chemicals, nicotine and certain drugs, sending an instant alert to a nominated email address or mobile number.

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The sensor is tamper-proof and can also pick up potential bullying using AI and sound monitoring.

Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek PetersonSoter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson
Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson

NYnet, an established provider of digital connectivity and ancillary services to the public and private sector, is the largest supplier to schools in the region. The firm is heavily involved in technological innovation in North Yorkshire and recently deployed a LoRaWAN network covering over 85 per cent of the county’s geographical area.

The LoRaWAN project was supported by a £3m grant from York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and will be used by some schools to operate the new anti-vaping devices. NYnet has rolled out over 100 LoRaWAN gateways, on structures including street columns, schools, fire stations and communications masts including off-grid gateways using solar and wind power.

Alastair Taylor, CEO of NYnet, said “Flysense is a game-changing piece of technology that can helps schools eradicate vaping, smoking and drug use on the premises. Many schools are also keen to use it to detect bullying’’.

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“It is effective in areas where it isn’t possible to install cameras or microphones, making it a valuable addition to school security and safeguarding.

“We will be working with our customers across all sectors to implement the devices, integrate them with existing networks, camera systems and access controls and thereby create safer schools.”

Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with NYnet to bring this transformative new technology into schools and to help improve the safety and wellbeing of students in the UK.

“NYnet’s excellent relationships with schools and the company’s role at the forefront of digital connectivity in the region makes them the perfect partner for innovative solutions like ours which can be tailored to each specific educational setting for maximum effectiveness.”