Only six per cent of people want to keep working from home full time

Just six per cent of workers want to work from home full time when restrictions ease, research shows.

A survey of workers conducted as UK job market rebounds showed that the overwhelming majority of staff want to work flexibly in the future.

Some 66 per cent want a fluid work structure going forward, involving working both at home and in the office, with four out of five wanting to return to the office at least half the time

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According to official data from The Office of National Statistics (ONS), UK employers began hiring again in March with data showing the strongest rebound in permanent hiring for six years.

Homeworking might not be here to stay for many.

As employers ramp up their searches, new data from digital recruitment agency Futureheads suggests the criteria employees are looking for from new job roles - particularly in the tech sector - may look different to expectations in the post-pandemic world.

Be Kaler Pilgrim of Futureheads: “We wanted to run this research to find out more about the people behind the jobs in the UK tech sector, what makes them tick and whether their expectations have changed post-pandemic. We often see headlines about the tech sector and how it’s growing in the UK - but what motivates the people that move it forwards?

"The results of this survey are interesting to see and should help employers shape what they need to do to attract the best candidates when they’re looking to hire.”

As little as 16 per cent of those surveyed by Futureheads believed their work made a difference and had purpose.

However more than a quarter saw the company’s mission being positive to society as a high priority.

Futureheads said this suggested employers need to shape up to appeal to prospective and current employees.