Optibiotix hails drugs that can lower cholesterol

OptiBiotix Health, a firm that makes products to tackle obesity, heart disease and diabetes, said it has completed pre-clinical studies that show its products can reduce cholesterol by up to 82 per cent. ​

York-based OptiBiotix, which floated on AIM in August, tested three cholesterol-lowering Lactobacillus strains that have been developed over the past two years.

The group said the strains have shown an ability to reduce cholesterol by between 71 per cent and 82 per cent in laboratory tests.

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The pre-clinical studies assessed each strain’s manufacturability, gastro-intestinal robustness and activity against bile salts to determine the strains most likely to achieve a successful outcome.

These will then be tested in human studies of OptiBiotix’s first product, which will be a capsular food supplement.

Results of the pre-clinical studies showed that one strain of Lactobacillus showed the best characteristics and this is now being manufactured, encapsulated and packaged in preparation for human studies, which are scheduled for January.

The data from the results of these further studies are expected to be available by autumn next year.

Optibiotix said data from the pre-clinical studies also provided information which will be used to reduce the cost, time scale and development risk of future products, which are likely to include cholesterol lowering yoghurts, fruit juices, vegetable juices and cereal bars.

Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of these studies. The completion of pre-clinical studies is an important milestone in product development as it identifies which of our three strains is best suited for our first product.”