Pensioners 'pushed into retirement'

A THIRD of pensioners claim they were pushed into retiring by their employer.

Around 33 per cent of people who are retired said they gave up work because their employer suggested it or because they had reached the normal retirement age for their firm, according to insurer Aviva.

But Government plans to abolish the default retirement age in April next year are expected to lead to a big increase in the number of people delaying retirement or giving up work gradually by going part-time.

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Six out of 10 people aged over 55 said they were already down-shifting, either by reducing the number of days they worked or by working fewer hours.

Others have switched to a less stressful role, taken up consultancy work or turned a hobby or interest into something that can generate an income, the survey found.

Around 60 per cent said they did not want to continue working for their current employer when they reached the state retirement age, suggesting many people see retirement as the chance to start a new challenge.

Clive Bolton, 'at retirement' director for Aviva, said: "The removal of the default retirement age provides people with the freedom to design their own retirement."