'˜As a PR disaster, May's election campaign will echo in eternity'

THERESA May's general election campaign 'will echo in eternity' as a public relations disaster, according to a leading PR professional.

Prime Minister Theresa May reacts during a campaign stop near Doncaster. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday June 2, 2017. Photo: Scott Heppell/PA Wire

Rupert Bhatia, the director of public relations agency, Rhizome Media described Mrs May’s campaign as “amateurish, stuttering and ill-conceived”.

He added: “Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to the snap poll was an early warning sign. Theresa May wanted this election, not the public. And she has been punished mercilessly for that.

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“Throughout the campaign the Prime Minister failed to live up to her election slogan of ‘strong and stable leadership’.

Mr Bhatia said that the Prime Minister’s decision to avoid the live TV debates “put a black mark against her name, but not the cross she wanted”.

Mr Bhatia said: “Labour on the other hand branded Jeremy Corbyn brilliantly...The only way for Theresa May to come out of this with any kind of honour intact is to resign, and with immediate effect.”

Mrs May will seek to stay on as Prime Minister and Tory leader despite failing to win a majority after her decision to hold a snap election backfired spectacularly.

As the June 8 poll ended in a hung parliament, with no party holding an absolute majority in the House of Commons, Mrs May pledged the Tories would offer “stability” as the largest party with the most votes.