Prosthetic hand company COVVI creates jobs in Leeds in response to soaring demand

COVVI Limited, a prosthetic hand company, is creating at least 25 jobs after securing a number of global distributors.

The company is increasing the scale of operations at its headquarters at Quayside Business Park in Leeds. The new staff will include engineers and experts in robotics.

Established in 2017, COVVI designs and manufactures a bionic hand for patients who have had their hand amputated or who were born with congenital upper limb deficiencies.

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The move follows the approval by the NHS for bionic hands to be worn by eligible patients in England who have had their hand amputated or were born with congenital upper limb deficiencies.

The COVVI Hand connects to the COVVI Go App via Bluetooth and allows users to manage various settings for their hand, such as assigning grip switch triggers.

Simon Pollard, the group CEO at COVVI, said; “Last month, the NHS approved the UK’s policy for multi-articulated hands which are now available to UK patients, as a result COVVI is now accessible to users throughout England.

"Until this new ruling was made, there was not an accessible advanced solution for patients with upper limb difference via the NHS. The NHS is now able to prescribe a COVVI hand in line with their clinical commissioning policy. This is a gamer changer, not only for the users who will now be able to wear a bionic hand every day, but also for the industry.

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"The use of robotics has transformed the prosthetics industry. Leeds has a great pool of talent in robotics and technology and it’s an exciting time to see that talent recognised both across the UK and globally.”

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