Revealed: The Ward Hadaway Yorkshire Fastest 50 for 2021

The top 100 UK law firm Ward Hadaway, in association with The Yorkshire Post, today reveals Yorkshire’s Fastest 50 growing companies for 2021.

Picture caption: L-R Jonathan Pollard, Partner, Ward Hadaway with Russell Bisset, Founder and Managing Director, Northern Monk Brewery and Brian Dickson, Head Brewer and Co-Founder, Northern Monk Brewery.

The awards, which have been running for 11 years, recognise and celebrate the fastest growing, privately owned businesses across the region.

Based on financial data filed with Companies House which relates to the previous three years of trading, the 2021 Yorkshire Fastest 50 identifies some of the region’s most successful businesses who bring prosperity to Yorkshire, providing employment opportunities for local people and attracting international investment.

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The 50 best performing companies which have consistently increased turnover whilst remaining profitable are ranked, with awards given to three different winner categories: small, medium, and large businesses. One of these winners is named as the overall fastest growing Yorkshire business for the year.

The Ward Hadaway Yorkshire Fastest 50 celebrates the dynamic firms that are bringing jobs and investment to our region.

Jonathan Pollard, a Corporate Partner at Ward Hadaway, said: “The world has changed so much because of the Covid-19 pandemic but we remain as passionate as ever about promoting and supporting the Yorkshire business community. We wanted to continue to recognise the success and entrepreneurial spirit of the region’s businesses, both large and small, in this year’s Yorkshire Fastest 50 Awards.

“The characteristics we’re celebrating today are also qualities that every business needs as the economy begins the fightback to prosperity in the wake of Covid-19. Resilience, determination, optimism, innovation and energy - they are all vital to ensuring we overcome the continued challenges the impact of the pandemic presents."

Food and drink companies are dominant this year and none more so than our overall winner. Taking the crown for the overall fastest growing Yorkshire business for 2021 is Leeds-based brewery, Northern Monk, which also tops the small business category.

Technology firm CSI Leasing UK takes the title for the fastest growing large business. The third award winner is Batley-based van, truck and car hire business NL Commercial Holdings Ltd, winning the medium Yorkshire business category.

Jonathan Pollard

Russell Bisset, co-founder and managing director at Northern Monk, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be named the overall winner of Ward Hadaway’s Fastest 50 growing companies in Yorkshire. It means even more to me, and every single member of the talented, dedicated and resilient Northern Monk team, to come top of the list during the extremely challenging year all Yorkshire businesses have experienced.

"For us, it demonstrates just how much our people are integral to the success of the business. They’re invested in Northern Monk and have a very high level of personal responsibility for the way in which the business develops. To grow in such a turbulent environment is not just a relief, but a credit to the people behind Northern Monk.

"They’re the reason why we’ve won this award, which is not only an honour, but also a reflection of the dynamism and entrepreneurialism that is alive and kicking throughout Yorkshire.”

The region’s manufacturing and engineering industries also performed particularly well in this year's list, with 20% of the Fastest 50 companies in these sectors. The construction industry also performed strongly, representing 12% of all companies, including Integra Buildings, Cyden Homes and D. Noble Ltd.

Of particular note are BJSS Limited, the Leeds-based business and IT consultancy, which deserves particular mention because 2021 marks their fourth appearance in the Fastest 50 list, as well as online anti-money laundering service provider SmartSearch, based in Ilkley, appearing for a third consecutive year.

Mr Pollard added: “The list this year represents a hugely diverse range of businesses flying the flag for innovation, resilience and the entrepreneurial spirit that is so vibrant and evident here in Yorkshire.

"Interestingly, over three-quarters of companies featured this year are new to the list – showing that with hard work, determination and the right decision making, companies can grow significantly in a short period of time.

"Congratulations to all those who appear in this year';s Yorkshire Fastest 50 list. SMEs are a key part of our economy and will help fuel the UK economic recovery. The Fastest 50 are a shining example of those businesses that are doing great things for both our region and the country. As a firm, we continue to champion and support businesses throughout the region and we wish all businesses in Yorkshire the very best as restrictions begin to ease.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there is no awards ceremony this year. Here is Yorkshire’s Fastest 50 for 2021 in ranked order.

1 Northern Monk Brewing Co. Ltd Winner fastest overall growing business and fastest growing small business.

Average turnover growth: 73.1%

2 CSI Leasing UK Limited Winner fastest growing large business.

Average turnover growth: 70.9%

3 Infinity Works Consulting Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 68.4%

4 NL Commercials Holdings Limited. Winner fastest growing medium business.

Average turnover growth: 67.0%

5 Elemental Resource Management Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 64.6%

6 NIC Services Group Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 64.4%

7 Joule Hot Water Systems UK Ltd (L)

Average turnover growth: 63.3%

8 Turners Accident Repair Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 63.0%

9 SFS Group Fastening Technology Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 60.4%

10 Surestaffing UK Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 59.0%

11 Easy Bathrooms (L)

Average turnover growth: 55.8%

12 Vizion Network Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 53.2%

13 Wordsworth Excavations Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 52.8%

14 ICD Europe Ltd (L)

Average turnover growth: 51.2%

15 K Rouse Civil Engineers Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 47.3%

16 Twinkl Ltd (M)

Average turnover growth: 46.9%

17 Conservatory Outlet Group Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 45.5%

18 Brew York Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 45.0%

19 Fulcrum Pipelines Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 44.8%

20 Major Recruitment Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 42.6%

21 H & P Holdings (2016) Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 42.3%

22 Athena (UK) Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 40.0%

23 Depho Estates Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 39.1%

24 Wrendale Designs Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 38.4%

25 Community Partners Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 38.3%

26 SmartSearch (M)

Average turnover growth: 37.4%

27 Business Waste Ltd (M)

Average turnover growth: 37.1%

28 Trust Care Ltd (S)

Average turnover growth: 36.7%

29 Skipton Properties Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 35.02%

30 Glassflake Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 34.97%

31 Loadhog Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 34.7%

32 Nidec SR Drives Ltd (S)

Average turnover growth: 34.1%

33 Gough & Kelly Group Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 33.4%

34 Everlast (Group) Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 33.1%

35 Advanced Diesel Engineering Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 32.8%

36 Razorblue Group Ltd (S)

Average turnover growth: 31.5%

37 Reward Investments Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 30.2%

38 Cyden Homes Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 29.89%

39 BJSS Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 29.885%

40 Morris & Co (Handlers) Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 29.1%

41 D. Noble Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 28.7%

42 Integra Buildings Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 28.5%

43 Astonish Holdings Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 28.1%

44 Primeast Limited (S)

Average turnover growth: 27.6%

45 Underwood Meat (Holdings) Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 27.29%

46 Yorkare Homes Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 27.26%

47 Shouksmith Holdings Limited (M)

Average turnover growth; 27.1%

48 Chesterfield Poultry Ltd t/a Iqbal Poultry (L)

Average turnover growth: 26.6%

49 Glass Recycling (UK) Limited (M)

Average turnover growth: 26.2%

50 John Good & Sons Limited (L)

Average turnover growth: 25.6%

[S] Small business - turnover between £1m - £10m

[M] Medium business - turnover between £10m - £30m

[L] Large business - turnover over £30m

The companies in this list have been selected from the table of fastest growing profit-making, private, regional companies, based on turnover growth.

Information has been compiled using data which is publicly available at Companies House of UK listed companies and independently verified.

The average turnover growth has been assessed on a percentage increase based on the difference between turnover figures filed for the last three years.

To qualify, companies must be trading entities and have turnover in excess of £1m in the last three years of filed accounts, which are up to date as at 30 November 2020. Companies must also have made profits in each of the past three years' accounts. Companies must have filed new accounts since last year's awards.

Private limited companies which are subsidiaries of listed companies do not qualify.

Subsidiaries of foreign-controlled companies have been accepted if they have headquarters or a decision-making function in the region.

Ward Hadaway and The Yorkshire Post do not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.