Skill shortages harming Northern SMEs

Four in five SMEs in the North are struggling to attract the skills they need, with many forced to offer over the odds alary packages in order to recruit the right people.

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The Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide, published today, reveals more than half a million Northern SMEs, are having isues with recruitment and that ore than half of CEOs admit they can’t find candidates with the necessary skills to help them navigate an increasingly digitalised business landscape.

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These include data analysis and digital skills, as well as softer skills such as resilience, adaptability to change and critical thinking.

These concerns are set to increase with the uncertainty of Brexit and the potential decrease of skilled talent.

Gareth Gage, director at Robert Half, said: “Technology and digitalisation is rapidly changing the business landscape, particularly in the North which has so far benefited from £100 million of investment by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF), £15 million of which has been directed at high-tech businesses.”