Students offered lambing experience on real farms

The National Sheep Association's 2016/17 Lambing List is now live online.The National Sheep Association's 2016/17 Lambing List is now live online.
The National Sheep Association's 2016/17 Lambing List is now live online.
Agricultural students and aspiring farmers are being sought to help ease the burden during the busy lambing season.

The National Sheep Association has opened its ‘Lambing List’ to match farmers in need of extra help with young people looking to gain industry experience.

All the association’s sheep farmer members who can offer placements to students at lambing time have their contact details listed to enable young people to approach them directly.

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The scheme has been hailed as a resounding success in previous years, and has given both agricultural and veterinary students valuable experience as part of their educational studies.

Phil Stocker, chief executive of the National Sheep Association, said: “The Lambing List is hugely valuable by both the sheep farmers and students who use it, and I’m delighted that has continued to grow in popularity year on year.

“It’s a very simple but effective process - we collate a list of NSA members looking for help at lambing time and provide contact details so students can approach them directly to ask for a placement. It’s a great service for our members, but also provides a boost for young people keen to get ahead.”

Mr Stocker said the experience of a work placement during lambing time was a strong item to list on the CV of any student who is serious about launching their own career in agriculture.

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He said: “We know many vet students use the list purely to meet their obligation to complete an on-farm placement, but it also encourages those who genuinely want to be large animal vets in the future, and agricultural students who want to put themselves ahead of the pack.

“Young people who use the NSA Next Generation website to access the list will also find the online resource is packed with useful information about how to get ahead in the sheep sector.”

Ahead of the 2016/17 lambing season, the lambing list is now live on the NSA’s website. Adverts from members will be listed as they are received by the organisation.

To advertise for the right kind of help, farmers are asked a number of questions to attract relevant candidates including whether experience is required, how many ewes will be lambed, and whether accommodation or meals can be provided to successful applicants.

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