Surgical Innovations signs US deal

MEDICAL equipment company Surgical Innovations has signed a £1.4m four year exclusive contract with US based firm Mediflex Surgical Products for its YelloPort device.

Graham Bowland, chief executive of SI, said: “The partnership with Mediflex broadens the distribution of YelloPort into the large and strategically important US market.

“We are looking forward to working with Mediflex to help surgeons in the US perform less invasive surgery in a cost effective way.”

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Jonathan Adler, president of Mediflex, said: “We are extremely excited to be working alongside Surgical Innovations in developing our Laparo-Logix tray system.

“The agreement creates an exciting partnership between two leaders in design and manufacturing of surgical instruments and technologies.”

Leeds-based Surgical Innovations added that it is making progress across a number of product lines with several potential US customers.

The group said that although it is difficult to determine the eventual structure, timing and value of revenue streams that will be generated, the board will keep shareholders updated on progress.