Top Screen Media prepares for ‘the new normal’ with innovative sanitiser

Digital innovation and advertising specialist Top Screen Media has launched a new digital display with auto-dispensing hand sanitiser for use in retail stores.

Top Screen Medias CEO Achille Traore

Leeds-based Top Screen said the digital unit is an innovative opportunity to upgrade traditional advertising whilst providing a vital service to customers.

The unit has a built-in, 21.5-inch digital screen, which allows retailers and brands to run adverts whilst providing a safe environment for shoppers.

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Top Screen Media’s CEO Achille Traore said: “Our ambition is to support forward-thinking brands and retailers through these challenging times with the ability to not only provide hand sanitisation, but also better engage with consumers through digital advertising.

“To make the process as frictionless as possible, our solution is plug-and-play and comes with a content management system built-in ready to go.”

The firm said Covid-19 has changed a huge amount about the way we live our lives and many of these changes are likely to stay in place once the lockdown ends.

It added that consumer trends and behaviour have changed since the coronavirus outbreak, with much more awareness about proper hand sanitisation, and providing a safe environment for customers will be imperative when retail stores reopen.

The firm claimed it may even become a legal requirement for any outlets open to the public to have a hand sanitisation solution in place.

“We have to be prepared for the new normal,” said Mr Traore.

“Good hand hygiene is a key factor to reduce the spread of germs and keep everybody safe. Consumers will expect it and sway towards venues that take this issue seriously.

“We are receiving huge interest and orders from many sectors including education, healthcare, leisure, travel, commercial and retail.”

Top Screen has worked with Legoland firm Merlin Entertainments and the World Trade Centre in New York.