What to do when projects go wrong

More than four out of ten business projects fail to achieve any of their objectives whilst others actually damage an organisation’s ability to do business, according to James Waterhouse, managing director of KeyedIn, a Yorkshire-based business software development firm.

Mr Waterhouse is the featured speaker on a free interactive online seminar, or ‘webinar’ broadcast, entitled Averting Project Disaster – Understanding why Projects Fail and how to implement a successful Project Rescue strategy. The session, on June 21, at 2pm, will cover four key issues: the common reasons for project failure; the challenges of recovering a failing project; how to select the best team to recover a project; and what it takes to deliver successful projects.

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Mr Waterhouse said: “Most business projects fail through a lack of planning, control or communication. Often, it’s a combination of all three.”

KeyedIn is headquartered in Ilkley and has a site in Bradford. Visit http://tinyurl.com/KeyedIn to register.