What do you make of Huddersfield Town’s kit for the 2019/20 season?

Huddersfield Town's new home kit.Huddersfield Town's new home kit.
Huddersfield Town's new home kit.
Huddersfield Town has unveiled its new home kit for the upcoming 2019/20 season and it doesn’t seem likely to win any beauty pageants.

The new home kit, produced by Umbro, features a somewhat striking sash across the front, from the shoulder to the hip, with title sponsor Paddy Power’s logo.

Fans reaction has not exactly been positive with several commenting that it looks like Town’s players would be taking part in a beauty pageant for the upcoming season.

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“The kit has turned into farce,” one fan Tweeted. “Huddersfield Town has died tonight.”

Gem Tollerfield wrote: “Aww. Huddersfield Town are taking part in a beauty pageant sponsored by Paddy Power. Cute.”

Paul Stollery wrote: “Paddy Power’s latest controversial joke is Huddersfield Town’s kit, it seems.”

However, given Paddy Power’s recent track record of trolling everyone, some believe that this is just another publicity stunt.

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Sean Jarvis, commercial director at Huddersfield Town, said: “The kit launch is a big day for many supporters, who are keen to see what the team will be running out in during the coming season.

“We’ve gone for a really modern twist on how we feature the famous Paddy Power logo.

“Paddy Power is a very forward-thinking, innovative company – that’s one of the main reasons that we’re so excited to work with them – the new ‘sash’ style logo is really eye-catching, and helps maintain our reputation as being innovators too.”

The ‘sash’ kit will be completed with white shorts and white socks, Huddersfield Town said.

Whether it’s attractive or not we’ll leave you to decide.