Why it is time for churches to abandon social media channels for good - Bird Lovegod

Churches should abandon all social media. Twitter. Instagram. TikTok. Facebook. All of it. I know the arguments for having a social media presence… it’s ‘where the people are’ ‘it’s the modern age’, ‘it translates into real world action’, and so on.

These may be partial truths. Even so. Churches should abandon all social media.

Here’s why.

The Church is not like the world. It is not of the world. It is counter to the world. It is opposed to the world. It is of Heaven. It is of God. It is an alternative to the world.

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Bird Lovegod has his say.Bird Lovegod has his say.
Bird Lovegod has his say.

Yet Churches have allowed the world into the Church, and have adopted the ways of the world in outreach.

Scrolling online one receives a feed of toxic influencers, news, jokes, opinions, bots, adverts, spiritual advice, wellbeing fads, a feast of worldliness. Add in the Church announcements and some simplified ‘God Quotes’ and the message is that the Church is part of the world, here it is, next up, transsexual toilets and anti-semitism. Keep scrolling. The Church should not be competing for the attention of people in this undignified way.

The Church needs to separate itself from the world because it is, and should be, separate from the world. It is not off the world, to bundle it together with degenerate content lowers it to the standards of the world. It does not elevate the degenerate content, that content cannot be anything other than degenerate, it cannot be made ‘more light’ any more than a pig can be made more lamb by introducing a sheep into the sty.

So when the Church has dropped all its social media efforts, has removed from its plate that side helping of dross, what should they do instead?

Open their doors.

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Provide a space for learning. Have a library of hundreds of Christian books to be read in comfort. Have tea, and drinks, and snacks to welcome those who come to the House of the Lord. A place of learning, and welcome, and prayer, and healing and worship. A place to bring people closer to God.

And when people come to their individual conclusions that the world has fallen, and failed, and when they are looking for true meaning, and lasting identity in the crisis, they will find themselves guided to the Churches.

And there they will find a different world to the one that exists outside of its doors. They will find the truth. And authenticity. And depth, and reality, and friendship, and companionship and release from loneliness. And they will find God in the peace and stillness.

And this will be all the more powerful for its clear delineation from the world. It will be a haven, a sanctuary, a place of safety and sanity in a world of chaos of dissolution.

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How will they find this place, if it is not advertised on social media, if it is not packaged as another exciting part of the crumbling architecture of civilisation?

They will find it. Have faith. It is that simple.

They must step into the Church and know, immediately, that this is different to anywhere they have ever been. This is not of the world. This is the House of the Lord.

Church is not a business. As soon as Churches use business methods that sound right in theory, counted and measured in metrics of effectiveness, they are replacing God's way with man's way. And that is not the Way.

Bird Lovegod is MD of EthicalMuch