Yorkshire firms have chance to shine in Europe

The Enterprise Europe Network, created by the European Commission, provides free

support to Yorkshire and Humber companies wishing to make the most of the European marketplace.

The network can help you develop your business in new markets, source or license new

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technologies and access EU funding. The initiative covers more than 50 countries, representing the largest business support network in the world.

In partnership with The Yorkshire Post, Enterprise Europe is providing a regular list of

opportunities for Yorkshire companies through a new column.

Here is this week’s selection of business opportunities.

An SME in Spain is seeking a method to control and regulate the spread of the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa Velutina).

They are looking for any partner interested in a research

co-operation, technical co-operation, license or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Swiss start-up has developed a hardware-software webcasting system, which can intelligently

index and reference talks based on video and slides recorded. After recording, the event will be accessible on the web and searchable, via search engines, by keywords, thanks to the automatic smart indexing. Commercial partners are now being sought.

A German university has developed an innovative rail transport system for a CO2-free transport of goods based on Transrapid technology. The company is seeking a technical co-operation agreement.

A Swedish SME has developed a spoiler kit that decreases fuel consumption for lightweight trucks. It is now searching for a partner that could improve the design for one part of the kit, and

then become a productionpartner for the whole spoiler kits.

A Latvian company engaged in the textile industry is looking for a technology that would naturally

process cotton or woollen yarns; adding an anti-mosquito effect. The technology is needed to improve manufacturing processes.

A French SME has designed mountain biking snow equipment, which is easily fixable on the wheels of any mountain bike. The company is seeking partners for manufacturing and exploitation agreements.

To find out more about any of these opportunities, and many more available, call 0800 052

8156 e-mail [email protected] or visit www.ee-yorkshire.com