Yorkshire pollination experts create a biodiversity buzz with Dyson Farming

Agrisound, a company specialising in insect conservation and pollination, has installed a number of its innovative listening devices at Dyson Farming.

The York-based biodiversity experts support the conservation of bees and other insects through the use of specially developed devices which combine acoustic technology and environmental sensors to monitor bee and other pollinator populations remotely through an app available on any smart device.

These innovative, low cost monitoring systems have been developed by scientists to interpret nature’s noises to help maintain and maximise pollination, necessary for the survival of future pollinators, farms, gardens and the wider planet.

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AgriSound has installed a number of new trial devices on Dyson Farming's Carrington site in Lincolnshire, which will feature in its industrial scale strawberry glass houses and across their outdoor fields as part of the farming expert’s own biodiversity objectives.

Agrisound, a company specialising in insect conservation and pollination, has installed a number of its innovative listening devices at Dyson Farming in Lincolnshire.

As part of the trial, AgriSound will be working closely with Dyson Farming over the next few weeks to monitor the presence of bees and other pollinators on their site, with the view of expanding operations moving forward.

This is another significant step forward in AgriSound’s activity, widening their influence in the UK having recently completed the installation of a number of devices in Spain as part of a wide-ranging project with Innocent Drinks.

Edward Ford, technical agronomist of Dyson Farming, said: “As soon as we spoke to the team at Agrisound we were impressed by their passion for tackling the challenges of biodiversity and by their innovative methods of achieving this, it very much aligns with our ethos.

“We see farming as an investment back into the world’s natural assets and advanced methods of agriculture is the key to a sustainable future. These innovative devices installed at Carrington will act as a valuable tool for us to learn about the health of the environment in our greenhouses and fields for pollination, which remains a vital cog in helping our ecosystem thrive. We also look forward to contributing to the future development of this technology”.

Casey Woodward, founder and chief executive of AgriSound, added: “It’s terrific to be able to partner with Dyson Farming and trial our devices on one of their sites. Dyson Farming shares our passion for promoting the merits of the natural environment and implementing the monitoring technology will help us gain a good understanding of the health of pollinators on such big commercial landscapes.

“I have no doubt that this will be hugely beneficial in helping us understand the optimal setting for pollination in a farming environment, which, in turn, will play a big part in our wider efforts to protect our declining insect population and boost biodiversity.

“This is another exciting project we’re a part of and we’re looking forward to seeing the results and increasing awareness of the wider challenges facing biodiversity around the world.”

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