Yorkshire Water upgrade in Harrogate delayed

Residents have been informed that work to upgrade water pipes on Otley Road has been delayed.

Yorkshire Water has written to residents to inform them of the delay

Letters from Yorkshire water to Harrogate residents, dated Tuesday (March 14), say that the team working on the project had to be diverted due to the number of repairs that were needed as a result of the recent spate of poor weather.

They wrote: "The recent weather conditions have caused a larger than expected number of leaks on our water supply network across the region. To help with this we have diverted the team working on this project to help with these repairs."

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Yorkshire Water added that this was a temporary measure and it would return to work as soon as possible.

The work, between where the junctions of Beckwith Road and Beckwith Head Road meet Otley Road, began in January and was due to be completed towards the end of this month.

In a press release issued in December the company stated this was the first of two phases of work to reinforce water supplies due to developments in the area.

A spokesperson for the company has stated that the work is currently expected to resume in April.