YP Letters: In defence of Sainsbury's supermarket

From: Dr Sheila Hopkinson, Gorman Close, Chesterfield.

YOUR correspondents obviously have strong views on the pros and cons of supermarkets. I would like to say a word in defence of my favourite, Sainsbury’s.

I have been aware of shopping at Sainsbury’s for a very long time. I am 85 years old and remember my mother having our ration books registered at the store during the Second World War. I have always chosen to shop there wherever possible. Now I shop at the Chesterfield store and find the staff most helpful and courteous.

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The products on sale are good, especially as they feature a lot of British produce. I like to see a Union Flag on the packaging, unlike another store where I was offered tomatoes from Poland, and this at the height of summer!

If I cannot find what I am looking for, a member of staff will locate it and offer to fetch it for me. At the checkout, I am invariably asked if I would like help with my packing.

I am also delighted with the involvement of Sainsbury’s in the arts. The Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia in Norwich is a joy to visit as is the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery.

Good products, excellent service and promotion of the arts – what more could I want from my local supermarket!