YP Letters: We need banks that back Britain, not bring us to our knees

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

Lloyds has caused anger by blaming Brexit for branch closures and job losses.

REGARDING the decision to leave the EU, I am disappointed by the financial institutions, and especially the Bank of England, in their lack of support for the UK – given we now have the chance to become Great Britain again.

Rather than keep knocking the country, they ought to be rallying and supporting us. As for Lloyds Banking Group closing branches and creating redundancies using Brexit as an excuse, I would advocate that we, the public, boycott the business unless they change their minds. We need to support banks that back Britain, not the ones helping bring us to our knees.

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The other disappointment is that, so far, we have not seen any business initiatives arising. The Home Builders Federation announced that although they had planning permission for thousands of new-builds, they couldn’t find the skilled workforce, or materials from this country, hence foreign workers.

Regarding the lack of skills, the reason might be because school leavers and university graduates have too many choices to make, with no clear requirements from the trade to help them choose the right qualification to enable them to get a job. The whole thing needs simplifying and then we can begin giving our kids the chance for proper careers – careers where they can earn big money and contribute to rebuilding our country.

From: Alan Machin, Bessacarr, Doncaster.

ROBERT Holland’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, August 2) says “the statement from Ford that production may move to mainland Europe is exactly the kind of impact we Remainers dreaded”.

Being in the EU did not prevent Ford closing their Transit factory in Southampton in 2012 with the loss of more than 500 jobs. To make matters worse, Ford benefitted from an £80m cheap loan from the European Investment Bank to upgrade the Ford Otosan factory in Koceali, Turkey.

In effect some British taxpayers’ money is being used to support Ford moving production to a non-EU country. It is time we started boycotting companies who move their businesses abroad, resulting in our people losing their jobs.

From: Ann Brooke, Wellesley Avenue, Hull.

CREDIT to Morrisons (The Yorkshire Post, August 2) for a responsible response to Brexit. Personally, I will boycott those firms that don’t get behind Britain. It’s called people power – and we should use it.