Zest installs rapid electric vehicle chargers in Sheffield

Zest, one of the UK’s fastest growing electric vehicle (EV) charging point operators, has teamed with A & S Leisure Group Limited to launch four rapid chargers at Napoleons Casino in Sheffield.

It means lucky EV drivers can now play it safe with the points able to charge most vehicles in under an hour.

The 75kW rapids run on 100% renewable energy and will serve both customers and passing drivers.

Fully managed, the zero cost installations are located in a high traffic area, with Owlerton Greyhound Stadium and the OEC Sheffield situated next-door.

The A61 - one of the main routes into Sheffield city centre and Hillsborough Leisure Centre - are just a few hundred metres away.

Mark Allen, CEO at The A & S Leisure Group Limited said: “We’re serious about supporting our customers as they switch to electric vehicles, and about being part of the drive to net zero scheme.

"The Zest model was of particular interest because of its green credentials and commitment to long-term operation, providing a reliable and hassle-free service for our customers.’

Robin Heap, Zest CEO: “It’s been great to work with The A & S Leisure Group Limited to secure more charging infrastructure to what is an underserved area of Sheffield.

"Destinations that act now - to meet the charging needs of customers and passing drivers - are those that will thrive in the ongoing electric migration.”

Zest provides and operates EV charging infrastructure for commercial real estate and local authorities across the UK. Its projects are backed by the Government’s £420 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF).

An extra £30 million commitment was recently made to Zest from Zouk Capital, which manages the CIFF.

The further funds mean Zest can expedite its investment in larger projects that anticipate future demand - acting quickly to deliver essential EV infrastructure.

As part of its commitment to work with local businesses, Zest engaged Jones Electric, of South Yorkshire, to carry out the specialist installation works. Charging sessions and payments can be completed by using the Zest app which also gives access to 24/7 AA customer support.

For landowners, such as local authorities, enterprises and parking operators, Zest removes all of the financial and operational barriers to committing to large-scale charger deployments.

This includes everything from planning and installing the chargers to long-term maintenance.

As a team, it has the experience and engineering pedigree to deliver high quality end-to-end solutions. It believes that by taking action today to improve access to public charging, it can accelerate the shift to EV and help create a sustainable zero carbon future.

Zest is committed to renewable energy, and in supporting local suppliers to deliver local solutions.


Twitter: @ZestCharging

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